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Average ESL KSA Attire (Riyadh)

I'm sure I will get a wide variety of comments here. I am about to send off my visa package and need to do a little clothing shopping before I come to KSA next month. I have a contract with AETG, so as a male I don't know if I will be teaching kids, uni, or business.

When teaching in other parts of the world, the actual attire was always much less formal than previously indicated by the employer. I.E. told shirt and tie everyday, show up with a suitcase full of button ups, to find no one actually wears a shirt and tie.

I'm just looking for some advice on what the standard ESL teacher seems to wear in KSA. Should I come with 1 suit, and a variety of shirts and ties, or is that overkill and come with my usual set of collared golf shirts?

Thanks for any comments

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