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Baggage/ shipping conundrum (Riyadh)


Hi all. Looking for some suggestions/advice.

I am shipping a large suitcase home in June before the end of the university semester.
I have located a company who will collect, ship and deliver the bag for a fair price but I am worried about the collection process itself.
Having been the victim of many many many many taxi issues where drivers just cannot find places in Riyadh and simply give up, I am concerned about paying for my shipping and then the driver not being able to locate me.
I feel this way first of all because no one seems to know the name of the street that I live on. Many people have given me the po box address for the compound head office, but not the actual street name.

I then thought about having it come to be collected at work, simply waiting in the station terminal, but then the issue of 'what if security doesn't let this driver in?' I work in a women's only university, he may have problems entering. Also, given that it is women only he would have to phone me to say he has arrived/ stuck in traffic, can't find the spot. What if he doesn't speak English?

So then I thought about asking for the case to be picked up from a hotel, I can sit in reception or something for a day and wait, surely that would be easy to find. But, would I be bothered/asked to leave? A woman, sitting alone, in a hotel reception, I don't want hotel managers or muttawa harassing me.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Or even suggestions where I can wait for my suitcase to be picked up? Or even know of other good delivery services where i can take my suitcase personally to be shipped?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!!

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