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Christmas will be on friday.. Still can't feel it! (Riyadh)

Why oh why? There is no Christmas spirit here in Riyadh! Its my third year here grrrr!! Was In my new Area now.. They planned to have a Christmas party.. But the company said its not allowed.. So they've just planned it to make it in one patients room.. So sad right? Without music? Without decorations or any blend of Christmas spirit no! No ! No! ....
I'm just saying.. Why in this world.. People couldn't make any simple happiness.. Descent one..why they need to caught or arrest people who are partying Christmas even with families and or companies.. Is it really bad to do that?
And so if you're living in a compound you can do everything you want.. But I know it's still part of KSA???
I don't want this to get into negative.. Just wishing to be fair enough even with a small considerations for us CHRISTIANS wants to be feel the real Essence of Christmas without fear celebrating it here in Riyadh..
Well, to the people here .. wishing you all the best Christmas in your life.. God bless all!

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