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Compound Living - Freedom or Confinement? (Riyadh)

Hi, I'm being offered a project to do in Riyadh - earlier on It was the last place I thought I'd ever consider- but now i'm willing to explore it.

My question is that I have an Aussie friend in Riyadh who just moved out of a compound and advised me "NEVER" to live there citing it to being a prison. .. Others said the properties are old, not very well maintained and restrictive on who come to visit and who you socialize with...

I personally (living in Oman at the moment) hate neighbours getting into everyones business and I prefer anonymous existence....

Any Advise?

(i will be bearing the cost of accomodation on my own- I am willing pay more peace of mind Protected content have a small family - a wife and a 7 yr old son

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