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Dear Morning Cup (Riyadh)

Dear Morning Cup,

I hope the cleaning lady is nice to you, giving you gentle scrubs so you can shine as the reflection of the sun on a warm summer ocean.

I have missed you during this one week holiday. I hope the feeling is mutual.
Moreover, I would love to express my deepest appreciation for your tireless patience every morning. Waiting for me in the drawer before I open it and smile while skimming through the cups to find you, then hold you between my fingertips, fly in happiness once you lean against my upper and down lip, as I take a sweet quick sip.

Blessing me with a warm morning, preserving the heat in my shot of caffeine

To enjoy a sweet relaxing drink before starting my daily routine.

I oppose to those who believe an object and a man cannot create a string of attachment.

those ignorant of how effective and healing is the object , after grief and disappointment.

Have you felt lonely in my absence?

Hopefully, you've mingled with the remaining cups placed in that dark drawer.

Bear with me, I am fully aware time in loneliness passes slower.

I take a vow to be there before the blossoming of flowers.

We will be united every morning

I promise.

Nada Ibrahim

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