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Distraction (Riyadh)

First to kiss
First to hug passionately
First to lock eyes with and stare silently

He mumbles words I barely understand…..
While he holds me close … wandering his hand….

Strange how two hearts can be combined…
Different roots, different stories and minds….

Trying to live today fully, carefree …
Freezing my mind whenever I worry about tomorrow…
Taking my mind off the barriers, the complications and sorrows..

Living the moment… with him
Trying to explain how happy, thrilled, and surprisingly comfortable Protected content am..
But words lose their value once eyes and hearts speak louder..

The hugs, kisses and giggles all felt like a dream…
Falling over me.. Drifting my worries away as a strong stream…

My desire to freeze that moment..
To live it Constantly.. Tirelessly… Excitedly..
With satisfaction..
A perfect distraction..


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