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Does Saudis have clearance to get into Compounds ? (Riyadh)

Hey Everyone,

I just have an enquiry whether Saudis can go to restaurants or Shisha Cafè inside Compounds or is it restricted to the compound residents ?!

The reason why I Choose this subject to discuss is,
5-8 Months ago I have accepted an invitation here in the Internation and I have contacted the organizer and sent him my Info and ID on WhatsApp but unfortunately he Blocked me!!

Therefore, if anyone had such an experience before or might know the reasons beyond that, please share it with us.

I believe that discriminating anyone from any event, specially here at Internation, because of his Nationality or any reasons apart from ethical and security is harsh and rough enough to be called “Racism”.

I apologize in advance to anyone who might get offended by bringing up this matter.


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