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Driving from Doha to Riyadh


Hi All, I am in the process of moving from Doha to Riyadh, my villa in Doha is paid for until May and I am still looking for a place here. Therefore our plan was to drive back and forth at weekends a few times and bring items of clothing, furniture, bedding etc back each time. It allows us to catch up with friends in Doha and move some smaller items over in stages.


1. whats the border control like at KSA / Doha, is it an absolute nightmare and worth avoiding at all costs, or not too bad.

2. What vechicle inspections do they do, I'm not looking to bring anything illegal into the country, but im not keen on packing the car to the rafters if i have to empty the whole lot on the road at customs

3. The drive itself - good / bad ? i'm fairly used to ME driving, so understand any comments around mad drivers etc, but is there any type of other hazards i need to be aware of, like being run off the road for cash, will my wife need to be aware of anything as a passenger, do we need specific paperwork to take a KSA registra car out of KSA etc. I have a Qatar Driving licence and confident about the process once in Qatar.

Long questions - sorry, but really interested in your thoughts.

thanks Gary and Lisa Lunn

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