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English program for Outstanding students (Riyadh)

Me and my son will go to Baha region during spring holiday from Protected content 2016. He will attend English program for Outstanding students - age between Protected content .

It will be as follow:-

1- Outdoor training sessions on the following skills (time management – presentation skills -teamwork-leadership - Nature Conservancy) under the supervision of a specialist coach.
2- A certificate of attending the program and gifts for outstanding students,
3- Visiting (archaeological areas; historical sites; old markets; museums; forest and farms)
4- Sports (hiking – swimming)
Protected content in 3 or 4 star hotel,
6- Transportation, airport transfer,
Protected content a day,

Things to Do in Baha

Thee Ain in Al-Baha: A historical village on the side of a mountain and surrounded by a banana farms. (Nominated to be a new international heritage site from UNISCO)

Hiking & Trekking: Winding your way over the top of the world. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful site for hiking than through the winding roads and pathways of the forests of Al-Baha.

Raghdan Forest. It is the most beautiful forest in Al-Baha. It is about 5km north of Al-Baha city, and covers 2.5sq km area. The area attracts many visitors, and all the basic amenities are available within the park. It lies on an escarpment giving a panoramic vista of the valley below.

Al-Qunfudah city: The Port Al-Qunfudah was an important port on the coast of the Red Sea where it helped to receive large ships laden from Yemen and the Levant and the way the export crops of this country's abundant outside the region and its cities nearby such as Jeddah and Mecca. By virtue of its strategic location, it played a major role in enriching the life of trade and supply to some cities in the Hijaz, especially Mecca where long caravans of trade and pilgrimages to Makkah and convoys of maritime trade even after Jeddah became under the authority of King Abdulaziz.
As was its port boarding pilgrims south of the Arabian Peninsula and pilgrims from Southeast Asia, particularly Indian pilgrims.
It is also not surprising that this was the port navigated by Greeks and Romanians to get gold.

If you want your son to attend this program and if you need more information.

please contact me or whatsApp Protected content

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