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ESCORT visa experiences (Riyadh)

Hello everyone. My husband and I are in the process of relocating to Riyadh from the Netherlands. I have done some research on types of visas, and I was hoping to be able to apply for an escort visa (visa for the spouse and/or children of the principal business traveler, in this case my husband). This is NOT the family visit visa which can only be applied for once my husband has his iqama. Instead, this visa allows family members (wife and kids only, not parents, siblings etc) to travel along with the husband when he goes to Saudi on business.

I have found this info on VFSTasheel website. Since I am Dutch, I need to apply for my visa in The Netherlands (my residing country). I have gone to the agency and been in touch with them on numerous occasions and they assure me this is perfectly possible to get this visa, even if my husband does not (yet) have his iqama. The one thing that I still need is what they call a "pre-issued visa" which I gather is some
type of document that my husband's company (for whom he travels on This business ) needs to apply for at MOFA.

We have tried to get the company person to do this, and he has applied for something (since it is in Arabic we cannot read any of it) but apparently the request has come back rejected without stating a

The Internations site also mentioned this escort visa on its info on Saudi visas.

Is there anyone out there who has heard of this visa and perhaps even used it? Is it a visa that is only eligible for certain nationalities? On the Tasheel site there is a country dropdown, but it doesn't cover many countries such as UK or US. My husband's company has so only so far worked with visa agency CIBT in the UK, but they tell me this visa does not exist....

Since it could be a while before my husband gets his iqama, we do not
want to wait so long before I can join him. Any info or advice you can give me on how to ensure a successful request on the MOFA site to get this pre-issued visa would be greatly appreciated!

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