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Happy New Year Party 2015!!! (Riyadh)

Date: Jan 03, Protected content till Jan 04, Protected content
Venue: Western Ambassador's Residence (Villa), DQ, Riyadh, KSA.
Chief Organizer: Mrs. Christina Davis
Meeting Point: Party Place
Description and Info:
Happy New Year in advance to all who belong to the Internation family in Riyadh. I just came to know about a Happy New Year party taking place this Saturday in a western Embassy official's villa in DQ. I was informed that due to immense scarcity of the space and sitting area, the party will be restricted to 50 people only. Furthermore, i heard that many people have registered already and i apologize again for not knowing about this heretofore. So all you have to do is send an email directly to the party organizer Mrs. Christina Davis stating your complete name (as it appears on your Iqama), Mobile Number, Iqama ID and Nationality to Protected content . Regarding the place's location and identity, i was told that confirmed participants shall receive an email covering all the required info before 18:00 hrs on January 2, Protected content !!!!
To be noted:
* Party fee of Protected content shall be paid to the organizers directly upon arrival at the main gate of the residence.
* Fee covers buffet dinner, beverages etc
* Do not apply if you are Saudi. This party is strictly for Foreigners.
Please feel free to contact Protected content for any questions and inquiries.
Looking forward to a solid exciting and ambitious start to Protected content .
Thank you.

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