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Health Fitness (Riyadh)

Good Evening Everyone,
I'm an expat like majority of the people on this network who is curious about on going events and possibilities of social activities. Although i was born in riyadh and have lived here all of my 23 year life, i still do not have enough information as to what place has a good swimming pool that i can join as a member for a couple of months in order to improve my fitness (thanks to Big Mac). I prefer to join swimming in hotels/villas rather than gyms as most of the gyms require a member to participate in all of the other activities that are not of interest to me. I have checked in the intercontinental hotel recently, next to the ministry of interior Riyadh and found out that amount of 1,800 for three months (swimming only) was a bit expensive to me, as im still a medical student. So therefore, Can anyone who is currently/previously involved in such activity inform me about the best place with the best possible rates per month or 3 months. I hope i did not take much of your time,


Waqas Amjad.

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