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Housemaid and Day Care info for 1 yr old boy (Riyadh)

Hello everybody!
I am Italian and my husband French. We are moving back to Riyadh (we lived there respectively for 4 and 8 yrs) after a 2years break. In the meantime we had a child and I am a bit worried about the organization of our new life there!We will both be working most of the day and we will be living outside Riyadh (around 40 minutes). I am looking for a live-in maid who can mainly take care of our son and help with the housework. But I read many articles saying that it's very complicate to hire someone and can take a long time!Does anybody know more?
Furthermore I was thinking that my son would need to socialize of course with other kids and I have no idea if there are public nurseries (trusted!) or private groups of expats (my son will speak either English or French) who take care of a small number of kids...
I would really appreciate if someone can help me on these matters!!!
Thank you!

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