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How to choose a good area to settle? (Riyadh)

Hello everybody,

probably this question has been asked before, but I can find only posts related to compounds, which are not interesting to me (I mean the compounds, not the posts of course!!!)

I am looking for an apartment (NOT in a compound), something new with nice finishing but not too expensive (let's say around 15.000 SR yearly). I don't care to have a giant home, a couple of rooms, besides the kitchen and the bathroom, would be perfect for us.

I find hard to understand where to look exactly, because me and my husband have been looking in some areas in the last days, but we saw only terrible apartments in bad areas (that look not clean or quiet at all), or small apartments with an unbelievably high price.

Could you please suggest me some area where I can find a good apartment with a decent price? What I care more is that the area is safe and quiet (no drugs, alcohol, drifting for example) and that the apartment and the area itself is CLEAN (which surprisingly is less obvious than what I believed!!!).
Thank you for your suggestions, I will really appreciate your help.

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