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Jeep Wrangler Sahara Premium (2018) Spec (Riyadh)


Very specific question, but posting just on the off-chance anyone hit the same issue..

I am considering buying this exact model.

From talking to dealers it seems in KSA the options are "hard coded", there's either the Sahara or the Sahara Premium. The Sahara Premium has LEDs, 18" wheels, 8" screen, and other interior improvements.

I would like to buy in Granite Crystal colour.

That's all good but a dealer in Riyadh has dropped a real bombshell! I had assumed the interior is comes with the default colour (black) which is what I wanted, or at least a selectable option. However, this dealer claims every single Sahara Premium in Saudi has the optional "Tan" interior, due to import decisions that were made. In my opinion the tan interior is a very "acquired taste", not for everyone.. And a light leather seat makes little sense in a vehicle that has at least some claim to be off road.

So far I haven't seen any evidence to the contrary.

So my question is - has anyone encountered this issue? Is it really true one can only buy a Sahara Premium in KSA with tan seats??

Also, if anyone else has any advice around Wrangler models and buying/operation brand new in KSA, dealers in Riyadh, insurance, etc. it would be good to chat.


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