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Moving to Riyadh from Chicago - Seeking Advice!


My fiancee is preparing to relocate to Riyadh for a job opportunity and I am trying to prepare myself for this new life and the implications it will have on me as an independent person. I am seeking feedback in regards to a non-woking woman's life in Riyadh. How difficult is it to get around? Do merchants speak English at all? Do most compounds offer amenities? Any and all feedback is welcome!

In addition, I am newly prepgnant and curious if anyone has recommendations for English-speaking Doctors kind to western women. Also, is it typical for an expat to give birth in Riyadh or would one temporarily relocate home for the birth?

Clearly, I'm in the beginning stage of wrapping my mind around this major cultural change and would very much appreciate the guidance of our community.

Kind Regards!

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