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Moving to Riyadh- very excited!


Hi me, my husband and little girl of nearly 4yrs will be living in Riyadh in next 4 months. I wanted to know if there were lots to do for mums and daughters e.g. ballet, arts, swimming, dancing and singing, Islamic classes etc... She isn't the age to go school yet so would rather have home schooling before she does. I am really excited but nervous too. I want to support my husband so leaving my job in UK.

Can women and child go shopping on their own or have to be in a group? I hear so much do's and dont's not sure what to expect. We are Muslim, so wearing Abaya is no real issue.

Does anyone know the difference between living in compound and normal place- would you recommend places or if this will be suitable for a family like mine?

Thank you help on any part of info would be great!

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