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New taxi law - can't pick up fares from street? (Riyadh)

As I understand, a new law goes into effect during Eid that makes it illegal for any taxi to pick someone up on the street. One is supposed to 'call in" to some center and have it dispatched. I see nothing but a huge mess of trouble if this is the truth, and this law is enforced, particularly for expats.

1) if you don't speak Arabic, Urdu or any other language used at the call center, how can you request a taxi?

2) given the other incompetencies I've seen here in Riyadh, how am I supposed to know that if I do get through, they'll know where to come, and even WILL come in the time they say?

3) this applies even at train/bus stations, most likely at the airport, etc. If Saudis want to make life so hard for expats, why don't they just say so?

Has anyone else heard of this, and how will you cope? I will not buy a car nor drive in this country, given the insanity I see on the streets when I am in a taxi. I can't take that risk, because every expat I've spoken to says if you have an accident with a Saudi, it is NEVER their fault, no matter what they did.

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