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Newbie questions (Riyadh)

I'm in the running for a contract in Riyadh that will involve more travel from the US than in-country stays. Looks like 1 month in Riyadh, 2 months working from the US. I'm thinking compound living is out from what I read on this site and will probably be in a hotel. I'm assuming staying in a non-western hotel is not a good idea.

Can anyone assist me with these newbie questions?

1. Is my laptop subject to confiscation at entry if someone doesn't like what they find on it?
2. Is internet communication (Skype) an option?
3. Will my pre-shave be confiscated at entry because it has alcohol in it?!
4. Is using taxi's better than renting a car? Is seems everyone agrees driving in Saudi is dangerous.

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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