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Parents of students of Al Yasmin International Sch (Riyadh)

Dear Principal,

Copying below is the draft letter address to MOE for your kind perusal. We will be submitting this petition after obtaining necessary parents signature on Saturday (16/02/ Protected content .

Other than this, we are in touch with Saudi Gazette, Arab News and Indian Embassy to raise our concern and one of our parent's from Legal firm has also volunteered to cooperate.

We will not accept anything other than complete withdrawal of your Circular: 105/ Protected content .

Note: Some of your managments hidden facts are not mentioned in this memo which will come into limelight at suitable time as needed.

All Concerned Parents

Date: 16th Feb. Protected content
To: Ministry of Education
(International Education Dept.)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Subject: Huge Increase in Fees (Al Yasmin International School)

Dear Sir,

After Greetings,

We would like to bring to your kind notice that the subject school has doubled the Fees (School’s circular dated 9/02/ Protected content herewith). This increase is 3rd time in less than two years. From current monthly Tuition fee of SR. 380, they have increased to SR. Protected content is more than 100%.

We understand that usually MOE prudently evaluate the various aspects of school, accordingly approves the necessary increase in the Fee structure. In this regard we would like to bring to your notice the following points which we concerned parents feel that such a substantial increase is not justified:

1) Many teachers qualification is not up to mark. We have evidence of some house-wives teaching even with 12th grade.
2) As claimed in circular, the facilities available are not at par to justify the increase.
3) Two principals changed in last two years. (one was controversially forced to resign, further details can be provided upon request)
4) In many classes more than 30 students.
5) There is no proper segregation of Boys and Girls section.
6) Run-away maids from Sri Lanka, India are hired to work as cleaners / nannies.
7) No proper Surveillance.
8) Side roads in very pathetic conditions with students moving in dust all-around.
9) For last two years change of Uniform circular issued and postponed thereupon. Being delayed due to commercial interest of management.
10) Not conducting any all parents meeting, other than Parents-Teachers Meeting.
11) Saudization ??? Parents would encourage Saudi Females joining the mainstream, but in this school we hardly see any Saudi staff.

As per item 5) of School’s circular the reasons to increase the fees are totally out-of-scope.
a) Investments is done to increase the revenue of school by building new class-rooms, each and every corner is occupied with classes.
b) Quality – refer item 1) above.
c) Building Rent – The building belongs to one of shareholder, of course it will not come for free but with reasonable rent.
d) Staff-Salary – We are very much aware of this fact as some of our friends and their wives working in this school. If Teachers and supporting staff are not paid reasonable, how come the management expect them to perform with their best of ability.

We trust that MOE will take necessary action on the above issues and we parents will be spared from payment of any further increase in fees by the opportunist / commercial school management. Otherwise we will be left with only two options, either to shift the children to another reasonable school or sent them back to India.

With best regards,

Parents of students of Al Yasmin International School

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