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Pool party (Riyadh)


Friday 21st feb compound party ... Mail me at Protected content

21st feb this Friday's party. 1. The party starts 9PM. The last guests will be accepted at Protected content . The party ends at 2AM and the last song will be played at 145AM...If you have a driver please have him prepared to pick you up before 2AM. This is a residential area. 2. Please do not walk around the compound...The venue offers a lot of space including an outside pool area that allows you to smoke, walk around and get fresh air.3. Watch your consumption! We are all adults. I will black list you from further events if you do not act in a responsible manner. 4. Please park your cars along the side of the compound wall. I would not park in front of any house outside of the compound.Last one... 5. Have fun! This is a safe place! Introduce yourself, make friends and dance the night away! Regardless of your dance abilities! Email me song you my want to listen to now so I can try to include them in my set. If you need anything. The team and I are willing to assist you to ensure you are comfortable and safe! Finally, I will send the location and directions to the party no later than Thursday at 3PM. It is extremely easy to find! Check your email for directions

Mail me at Protected content

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