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Note: Filipino owner, I got this car from a friend. TAKE YOUR MECHANIC WITH YOU WHEN YOU CHECK THE CAR please. Thank you.

Click the link for the photos Protected content

I am selling my Protected content Envoy Denali XL for a cheap price of 18k (from 20k). The reason for selling is I cannot afford the maintenance anymore. There are some issues that needs to be fixed, I fixed some other issues already but I ran out of money and I badly needed the cash for emergency reasons.

This car is a 7 seater 4 wheel drive SUV/truck good for families.

The car is running and you can use it but some problems are needed to be fixed to pass the MVPI or Fahas.

The issues are as follows:
1. Electrical wirings (grounded / shortage from the main driver's control switch)
2. Engine cylinder 1 and 8 needs to be fixed
3. Expired estimara, insurance and MVPI/Fahas

I already fixed some minor issues on the car. The market price of this car (used) is around SAR 35k-45k. I personally do not want to sell this car but unfortunately there has been some financial matters that needs to be settled first so I have no choice but to stop fixing the car and just sell it.

If you are interested you may visit the car in my place so you can check them personally.You should also be willing to shoulder the expenses such as transfer, insurance, istimara and fahas renewal.

Protected content Denali XL
V 8 front engine
Automatic transmission
Rear Air suspension
Stabilitrak handling and stability control
Heated mirrors
Polished aluminum wheels
Dual 8 way power seats
Leather, heated front seats
Sound System (controls on steering wheel)
Rear seat audio controls w/ headphone jacks
Driver information center (light, sound prefs; gas mileage, odometers, oil change indicator)
Electronic compass and outside temperature indicators
Climate control
Cruise control
Navigation Radio System / GPS (lost CD)

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