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Senior Quantity Surveyor (Riyadh)

LOIS Builders, one of the largest construction companies in Cyprus, is strengthening its international presence while maintaining and improving its competitive advantage. We are recruiting experienced, responsible and the most capable people to work for our project in Riyadh.
We are accepting applications for the following position:

Senior Quantity Surveyor

1. Knowledge
a. BoQs
i. a. Construction descriptions of BoQ based on plans and technical specifications
ii. b. Knowledge of Standard Methods of Measurements (SMM6, SMM7, CESMM)
b. Interim certificates
i. Issuing of interim certificates for sub-contractors / suppliers
ii. Issuing of interim certificates for the project (from contractor to owner)
iii. Issuing of temporary completion certificate
iv. Issuing of final completion certificate
c. Measurements
i. Measurement of works
d. Final Account
i. Prepare final account
ii. Negotiate final account
e. Variations
i. a. Pricing for additional works based on BoQ price contract/
ii. b. Pricing for additional work with the build-up of new unit prices
f. Claims
i. Prepare acceleration claims + evaluation
ii. Prepare extension of time claims + evaluation
g. Various
i. Cashflow charts
h. Tenders
i. Price BoQs / Prepare Tender
ii. Tenders from sub-contractors
1. Send information / documents
2. Receive / prepare / check / compare
iii. Evaluate the terms of the tender / contract
iv. Prepare / coordinate sub-contracts for Domestic Sub-contractors
1. Request tenders from Sub-contractors / Suppliers based on BoQ/ Technical Specifications and Drawings of the main contract
2. Understand the work to be prices and explain / answer questions to the sub-contractors
3. Prepare the sub-contract with complete information (including assistance / facilities from main contractor, materials / equipment from main contractor etc)
i. Study / Prepare / Submit and monitor Material Approval
i. Study of Material
ii. Locate similar + prices for material + complete specification & description
iii. Submit to Consultant
iv. Follow up
j. Contract Conditions knowledge
i. Rights and obligations arising from the sub-contract
ii. Rights and obligations arising from main contract
iii. Rights and obligations arising for the law
k. Project Schedule
i. Monitoring project schedule / be able to read it and understand basic principles
l. Manage 5 – 10 QSs / organize
2. Academic qualifications
a. Civil Engineering/Quantity Surveying BSc
3. Experience in QS: 5 years and above
4. Other
a. Languages
i. Arabic: Fluent
ii. English: Fluent
b. Computer skills
i. Microsoft Word - Excellent
ii. Microsoft Excel - Excellent
iii. AutoCAD – Basic
5. Nationality : Arabic

All the above positions offer excellent career opportunities. The salaries and the benefits will be offered according to the qualifications, working experience and the performance of the employee selected. All applications will be handled with confidentiality.
Please send your CV via e-mail at Protected content .

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