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UK to KSA salary advice (Riyadh)


i have been been offered a job in the financial services industry in KSA and I just wanted to get peoples viewpoints on what is a good salary.

A bit bit of background I currently earn gbp Protected content all benefits in the uk and I will be moving my wife and two kids with me. I have 6 years of specialised expereince. They have stated that salary is negiotable and asked me to come up with a figure. I have in mind about SAR Protected content month baring in mind the accommodation, cost of living, travel, etc. Crunching through the numbers does doesn’t sound too outrageous however I wanted to get peoples viewpoint.

they also said to come up with 9ne salary figure that includes all the costs mentioned above. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also in terms of negiotating the salary does anyone have any tips on this?

kindest regards

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