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Unauthorized Internations Albatross membership (Riyadh)

I would like to share something with all.
I remember, back in May, I opted to buy a one time membership for one month to become an Albatross member, I am 90% sure it was a one time membership for one month
So I used my paypal account to pay for this membership. I also remember that the amount I paid was around 6, or 7 Euros, for a one month membership.
The strange thing is that starting May, my paypal account was charged an amount of 20.85 Euros, on quarterly basis, in May, August and in November, for an Alabtross membership.
I did not authorize these payments, and I had no intentions of paying 20.85 Euros for a membership that I do not use.
I only opted to pay that one time fee to see if I actually have time to participate in the Internations events in Riyadh, and hence, pay less for the events.
But I did not participate in any event, and had no intentions to renew my membership.
I contacted paypal and put in a dispute on those payments.
Did anybody else have similar incident?
How can I contact Internations? I sent them an email, but I had no reply.
I contacted Habib, but of course, he was not willing to help.

I am curious who else had similar charges.

Thanks to all

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