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Unbreakable (Riyadh)


I have a dream, to bear the responsibility of my life decisions, to open the door and ride my bicycle in the morning without notifying parents or begging a grumpy old dad for permission.

I have a dream, to explore the world, to decide the next destination without dwelling on finding an excuse for my family to travel, as they don't believe in women traveling alone for pleasure.

Ironic, how they believe that I am mature enough to get married and be responsible for the lives of other humans (children), but once I've demanded to travel, they stood against me saying I am a child and that women should never travel alone without a husband..
They are pushing me to resort to marriage for the purpose of escaping this reality and moving to a bitterer one! ( Marrying a person you barely know, hoping to fall in love with him after the deal is sealed!)

Unfortunately, many girls here have made that mistake, looking at marriage as a perfect getaway plan, escaping a controlling male guardian and falling in the arms of another.
Never living a life of their own...

I have enough examples around me, enough to increase my determination to never ever resort to the path they've taken..

I resist and fight this typical female way of living.

Sadly, My opposers are short in distance, too dear. They share my blood. They smile to me and talk behind my back about how I've gone nuts for fighting to have a life of my own...
They are a huge disappointment..

However, they should know that the harder they hit me, the stronger and more determined I get...

Nada Alanbar

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