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URGENT - ESL Contract queries (Riyadh)


I need a professional opinion - my contract states: "The Second Party agrees to work for the First Party in the position of ESL Instructor at its headquarters or any of its sites inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in accordance with work requirements and the provisions of the Company's regulations. The Second party also agrees to be assigned new titles and roles, as determined by the Company."

This means in effect, the company can move me to anywhere in Saudi at any time; and change my duties.

I do not wish to travel around Saudi Arabia - I would prefer a one year, stable work and accomodation basis.

AND, "Quality Education Holding Company." Has anyone else on the forums specifically been with them?

I need to secure these answers. I have too much to risk, if this contract does not give me security in place of work, accommodation and duties. I need an objective viewpoint before I sign.

Can anyone assist me please? ASAP?

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