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visa to germany (Riyadh)

today i went to the german embassey to applly visa for my husband and my made with my 14 months old daughter. i am german national ,my husband is egyptian.They did not help me there and told me i have to go to this visa center with my husband and made to make an appiointment there,and i booked our flights already for 8 november,and it was already difficult to get vacation from the hospital where i am working and my mother is sick and old and waiting for us,and i kow it is very difficult to get now an appointment in this center.i am angry disappionted ,and it is not the 1.time for my husband to fly to germany.the thing is that my colleague from south africa is flying also to germany to friends,she also couldnt get appiontment from visa center,but with friends she knows and connection she just went to the german embassey and got her visa from there without any difficulties.i am a very beasy working mother and have no time for these connections, here and there.
please i am really pissed of and wanted only to share this with everbody,and i will definitly complain higher up,i am not going so easily to accept this.

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