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visas agencies ! Help !! (Riyadh)

Hi !
I wonder if anybody used any agencies in KSA to help organise family visa. Could you recommend any of them which are genuine, as when I searched through adds on they all seem bit fake... And I don't know if I can trust them..
My husband works in Riyadh but his contractor is register in Damman so the whole process has to be done from there. We tried to organise visitor visa for me via his contractor but they are hopeless, we been waiting 8 weeks and still don't have invite, and from past experience when working for someone else we know it took only one day!!
We've been waiting overall 6 months now, we have all need it documents for my residency visa now, but we don't won't to use my husband's contractor to get it as that will probably take another 6 months , they are awful !!! Please any help or advise will be appreciated as I'm stock thousands of miles from my husband...
Many thanks

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