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Visiting Riyadh on Business

Hey guys:

I’m the ambassador from Philadelphia. Looks like I’ll be travelling to Riyadh arriving on Saturday and staying for one week. I have a few questions that I’m hoping I can help me out with as I haven’t been to the KSA.

- This is a business visit; anything specific you can advise me on here? I have heard that I should be concerned about exit visa and also if they will hold my passport… Are either of you guys aware of the laws around an arabic contract? I’ve heard about this online but all of our dealings have been with an english contract…

- What is it like during Ramadan? Are you guys able to get food and what is the culturally acceptable practices about working at a client site during meal times when others are fasting?

- What do you guys do during off hours? I’ll only be there for one week but i have staff staying there over the saudi weekend…

- Are there any resources that you can lead me to that will provide some overview of doing business in saudi and what is culturally appropriate?

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