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Volunteer Day - 5 December (Riyadh)

Volunteers are a priceless asset to the Nation’s

we need to have a part of our time to help others

Giving a hand
is really giving a Heart

Specially those who can't do or have what they want
they are waiting for someone to help

be the angel of god

its have a lot of ways to volunteer

-trip to green areas to clean it of Plastic Pollution
-helping expats in painting home or Carpentry works
-bring toys for kids in poor families
-helping in packing free charity meals
-Visiting patients in hospitals
-Exchange of surplus medicines
-Free maintenance for those who do not have money to repair any --thing they need
-Homeless Pets Care
-training or learning for free
-Giving Clothes to Others

One of the most important benefits of volunteering is the opportunity to explore and fulfill your passions. For many volunteers, that passion is serving Veterans. For others, their “why” is the chance to explore a new career field. For some, they like feeling like they are investing in an activity that is making a difference in their community.

as well , Develop essential skills and team culture
Use volunteering abroad as a way of developing critical skills and attributes in your people, such as problem-solving, resilience, teamwork and cross-cultural communication. Consider adding a short-term volunteering stint to graduate programs or leadership development course.

also ,, volunteering
Foster creativity and innovation
Inject new ideas into your organization through volunteer abroad programs. Interacting with different cultures in a foreign setting stimulates creativity and innovation, and helps to inspire the leaders of your organization.

Need for a Volunteer Group
inside internation

starting from here
from Riyadh
am hereby announce my initiative here

wish my dream comes true

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