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Why the focus only on Saudi women ? (Riyadh)

There are 2 questions I have been asked a plentiful of times Protected content , it is seem like a phenomenon , and I will really appreciate it if you guys give me hints about the possible perspectives that could be behind these questions .

The first question is :
“Why some Saudi women take Abaia of on the international flights ? “
Asking question is such an art ! , accordingly , I believe that the the question supposed to be .. “why not?? “ “why the focus only on Saudi women ? “ “why taking Abaia of is referred to be a sign of hypocrisy?
Interestingly , most of “ wondered people “ had been living in Saudi Arabia for variety period of times and they already understand that Abaia and all other relevant rules are all about “ women “ .. .. ANY woman . ....regardless her background or passport ...Saudi women are just inclusive .
All women who live in Saudi Arabia have no choice but follow the rules .

The second question , which I have been asked aboard :
“ why you don’t look the same like other Saudi women who wear all over black outfit ?
I have got bored of this repeatedly asked question , Seriously ? now Abaia is my ID everywhere ? what is about my passport ? 


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