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Working in Saudi (Riyadh)

Hello, I am in a bit of trouble and i seriously start to worry. Here is my situation. I came to Riyadh in early November on a business visit visa, this visa was extended by 30 days then i think it was again extended by 30 days but i never saw the paper for this. My sponsor is not giving me definite informations about the process. I have ask many many times to see paper or anything showing that i have some legal "authorisation" to be here. I had to go and pass a medical visit, which i did and at the clinic i was told that there was a problem with my number (i think number given when entering Saudi) and they could not register the medical visit with the relevant administration. A few days later my sponsor ask me for my passport and one photograph and said he was going to get iquama (i wanted to go with him but he said that only Saudi could go into the office, is that true?) He gave me back my passport the day after but no iqama. Now he is saying that i need to get work visa before i can get iqama. It is soon going to be 4 months i am here and have no legal papers. i am very worried. Can someone enlighten me please !! am i being told stories, lied to or is this normal? Any help, any advices will be very welcome. I hold a french passport but come from living in the UK.. Again sincere thanks for any help.

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