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worse experience ever: a car accident in Riyadh

Although that it has been like 10 years I am n Riyadh but I was so lucky not to have a car accident until 3 days ago.
a local crazy driver who came speeding like hell, hit 3 cars and my car was one of them, despite hat all cars had insurance but the slow system and how lazy the people in charge were to deal with this was beyond imagination!!
the accident happened @ 11.00 pm and we were not able to leave the scene till 6.00 am... yes 7 hours between the arrival of Najem ( the private company assigned by the government to evaluate the accidents) then the traffic police...
this was the first episode: now the rest to follow : going to the police station to get a report is the second stage, while another stages will follows like getting many estimations from different garage, etc...
will keep you posted, but if I can give you an advise. try to avoid any car accident , I know this is valid for all countries and anywhere but believe me in Riyadh it is the worst!!

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