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A Japanese Easter Sunday in Rome : APRIL 8TH

If you are in Rome during these days and wish to enjoy this experience, imagine that more as an HAPPENING than a well organized EVENT.

Every and each of you can do HANAMI and join all other people doing the same. Naturally, best days will be on Sundays and in particular next EASTER SUNDAY There are some groups of people loving the JAPAN WORLD that will be there even dressing with japanese Kimono or Yukata, eating Japanese home made food and drinks or even Italian, taking pictures of course amidst a little bit of Japanese Spring Nature in our city too.

Here are some information about:

PERIOD : from 28 the MARCH to 15th APRIL (but take always a look at temperature as NATURE cannot be directed by our wishes)


HOW TO ARRIVE: from ROME TERMINI STATION (CENTRALE STATION) just take the UNDERGRAOUND B line – (the BLUE one) direction: LAURENTINA and get off at: EUR PALASPORT or EUR FERMI. The EUR LAKE is right among these 2 stops. At the present we are having works at EUR PALASPORT station so it may be better to get off at the EUR FERMI one and just follow the nature…

I have created a group called DISCOVER JAPAN IN ROME & PARIS and I thought with a japanese friend of mine to organize this event.... Protected content you want to join us SUNDAY APRIL 8TH AT THE JAPANESE WALK INSIDE THE EUR LAKE PARK...please come !!! and bring food and drinks..and a blanket to sit and relax on the grass.STARTING FROM 1.00PM we ll be there :-)))

THEN .. you just can go by yourself everytime during this 2 weeks period and / or orgnize your little group then just get into the Japanese atmosphere of SAKURA’s BEAUTY.

Particulartly, symbol of this beautiful Japanese traditions are CHERRY BLOSSOMS (sakura ume – 桜 櫻) and the presence of this kind of cherry in the Eur area in Rome, is the reason why we can enjoy this event:-)))

Ciao Filly...

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