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Any English Speaking Lawyer (Rome)

Hi - is there anyone out there who is a lawyer in Rome, who speaks only English? (I will learn the language to a good level before coming over but would probably never be able to practice in it). I'm working in a MNC in Dublin right now and would hope to find an in house position in a MNC in Rome - just wondering whether anyone has done this?

I am going to give myself until the end of this year to save funds and then, perhaps, just head over to Rome in Protected content whatever I have saved and just give it a go! I know that the timing of a MNC looking for an in house lawyer at this same time is going to be far fetched, but i've said I'd love to live in Rome for nearly 7/8 years now and i'm always going to want to get his out of my system. Better to have failed than not tried at all - and all that!

I know most people will write back that the job/economy in Italy is not very conducive to job seekers but I think it's just about taking the chance at this stage - as mad as it's going to look to give up a great job here for no job in Rome!

Any helpful pointers would be much appreciated.


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