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Bookmooching in Rome - exchanging books


Hello, I was wondering how many people would be interested in an exchange of English books, in Rome, to avoid having to run to Feltrinelli last minute because you do not have anything interesting left at home.

I used to be a member of which is a very interesting site for exchanging books, and was able to send and receive books in /from Europe "for nothing" (cost of sending 5 books to Europe approx 10 euros a month, far less than buying a new one). But since January Protected content price have increased by 80%! and I cancelle by membership. Have since then accumulated books bought with, but cannot kept thinking that
1- if enough people are interest to register with bookmooch and let the others know of their "pseudo" on bookmooch, so that we all can see the individual inventories
2- then we could create an informal group that uses booknooch as a support (the organisation behind is great, you get a certain amound of points etcc for sending books out or acknowledging receipt of books, with which you then can get books)
3- Knowing that sending books from Rome to Rome costs something like 1.30 euro (writing "piego di libri" on the enveloppe, provided it is sealedin a normal way)

The condition would be that only recently published books be put on each other's inventory, so as to avoid not being able to ask for a book because 80% of us read it 20% years ago (eg. the world accoridng to Garp)
and that we - in an informal manner again - only exchange with members of our informal group.

Any interest, does it seem too complicated, not worth the trouble? Maybe have a look at the bookmooch site first and get back to share your thoughts.


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