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Construction Engineer moving to Rome

Hi Guys
First time on Forum, i have been a member a long while and constantly watching all the various questions on here and trying to learn from you all, thank loads by the way. But there are a few questions i would like to ask as well, i have been to Rome around 8 times now and have developed a real feel for the city (though i have neglected my language skills). My Wife and I got married in april in st johns and we have talked about a serious move to Rome (from Ireland).
I have been Job hunting the last Protected content for various postions, i am a qualified engineer with 5 years construction experience, i have come to realise construction in Italy has been badly hit and jobs are far and few between, but i have noticed that finance sector seems to be hiring though i do believe it is very competive, they have asked for qualifications including engineering. what is the likely hood of getting a job in this sector? even entry level? Any other civil/ construction engineers make the move to Rome that found work in construction or another sector? my wife is a qualified secondary teacher with child care qualifactions, i realise the way seems for her to go is into teaching english which seems more freelance, how hard is it to get a permenant job as a teacher?
Also I have gained contact through this forum with a company who helps with cvs/resumes and job hunting, they have been helpful in telling me to use these forums and how hard construction is in italy and rome, (more jobs in the north it seems) and that i have to improve my Italian. Has any one used these services before in Italy and how have you found them?

This is a long winded post but i thank you for your interest guys.



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