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doubt regarding payments (Rome)

Hi all
I am a student residing in italy.
I rented a new house with a one year contract.
the house is completely new and I am the first person to live in it since it was built.

here comes the problem, after 3 months there arrives the bill for GAS with whooping amount of €300 euros.
with breakup being
75 euros for consumption of gas
40 euros spese a40 accertamento documentale
90 euros deposito cauzionale
60 euros spese A40 apertura nuovo misuratore
and rest for taxes....

so now I wonder if I have to pay all of it or some of it will be payed by the owner.
"apertura nuovo misuratore" I expect this amount to be payed by the owner as I understand it is for the installation of new meter. (Ps: meter is completely new and had Protected content on it when i occupied the house)

Please give me your valuable answers to face my owner if she has to pay something in this bill
thank you in advane :)

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