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IMPORTANT message for all Internations members! (Rome)

Hi members, my name is Tommy. Please take 2 minutes to read this important information which will be of great benefit to you.

I really don't like when I see lies and deception in the world in any circumstances but in this case I am referring to the health & fitness industry and a supplement company named "HERBALIFE".

Herbalife claim to be the best supplement company in the world but when you discover the real and somewhat disturbing truth in how they operate you will see for yourself it's a big lie which unfortunately masses of people have already fallen for.

Please watch the Youtube documentary below called "Herbalife Unmasked: An insider admits that the “Business Opportunity” is a fraud", which exposes Herbalife for what they really are.
Then have a good look at the other 3 links which include an excellent website, a Facebook page and the views from a celebrity personal trainer/nutritionist.

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(Herbalife Unmasked: An insider admits that the “Business Opportunity” is a fraud)

Protected content (Excellent website)

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(Celebrity Personal Trainer/Nutritionist talks about Herbalife)

No Thanks Herbalife - Articles, news and top nutritionist's views (Facebook page) search on Facebook for this page!

Herbalife is spreading all over the world and they will come to Rome, Milan and other places in Italy setting up FREE group fitness training sessions with the sole main purpose of recruiting people to become distributers and to sell you thier products.
Be warned and be prepared!
Stick to the top sports nutrition brands which you can buy in shops and stores!
Beware of companies which only sell their products through their own personal distributers!

It's about time people opened their eyes to what is really going on. Tell all your friends and spread the word today!


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