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Joining the Rome's Internations

Dear members of Rome IN,

I am an italian member of London IN, as I live there and I enjoy so much the IN events and groups. That helped me at the beginning to settle down in a new city, and now I am keeping on attending the events from time to time as they are excellent occasions to have fun and meeting interesting international people...and lot of Italian fellows!

I am now writing here as my sister and his boyfriend recently moved to Rome and they are global minds as well and keen to get to know the local life and international new friends as well, so I higly recommended them this organisation.

However, for some reasons, they haven't get the access to the group yet and apparently they ahve been told that due to a high selection's process they cannot join at the moment IN.
That wasn't so hard to me here in London, I just signed up, and that's it.

So, as I am really sorry after having spoken so well about IN to my sister that she had received that feedback, I am now asking you all, if you will be so kind to take some time to get back to me, how it works in Rome...what should my sister do exactly to join your group?
I am really surprised...

Thanks to all of you who will dedicate some time to reading me...and to all of your community, keep on having great time at IN!

Warmest regards,

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