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f you want to learn English in a dynamic way I highly recommend JUKEBOX

Don't miss their events. This methodology is very efficient I can garantee.
Also learning or review a language through songs is really gorgeous. CHOOSE THE BEST!

KATE WRIGHT is a great teacher! She tells us about her experience and how she works with song

"Jukebox English is an idea that i've wanted to start since I started teaching
English 4 years ago. I recognise that every student of whatever age loves
English Pop. I also recognise that all Text Books are essentially boring and out
of date as soon as they're published.

I know from my own experience of learning languages that the only lesson that I
remember from French at school is when we learnt "Non je ne regrette rien" of
Edith Piaf. I still remember all the words.

I also know that the only students who make a dramatic progression of language
acquisition and fluency are those who start listening to something passionately.

JukeBox English is geared particularly at professionals who work long days and
who want to learn in a sophisticated, relaxed environment that is not the office
or behind a school desk where they feel immediatedly stressed or under pressure
to perform.

Therefore I (Kate Wright) started JukeBox English in November Protected content teach
groups of students Pop Songs and teaching vocabulary and grammar that is
represented in the songs.

In a lesson students are presented (on a projector/screen) with several youtube
videos which show different interpretations of a song. Over the past months we
have studies "All you need is Love", "Here Come's The Sun", "Last Christmas:
Wham" and tonight we will be studying "I've gotta feeling: Beatles"

The vocabulary of the song is presented as is the grammar present as is any
idiomatic expressions. There is feedback from current JukeBox students on our
new website
Protected content .

Students do not have to sing (although some sometimes like too). It is not
Karaoke. The student can also have any level from pre-intermediate upwards. The
lesson is carried out in English by a Mother Tongue British Teacher and italian
words are used only when absolutely necessary."

The price is 15 euros for first timers (includes good wine, aperitivo/dinner and


There is also a group on facebook JUKEBOX ENGLISH

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