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Looking for a job preferably in PR/Communications (Rome)


I am Canadian, born in India but grew up in Bahrain, Dubai, Halifax and Toronto. Subsequently moved to Milan and then Rome.

English is my mother tongue and unfortunately is the only language I speak fluently. Although after almost 2 years in Italy, an Italian husband and a mother-in-law who doesn't speak English, I can now converse in Italian although my grammar might need some polishing.

I worked in Toronto, Canada for 8 years in the media and television industry and had an event management business on the side for three years.

I moved to Italy for an MBA (Politecnico di Milano) and then moved to Rome after graduation since my husband has a job here.

I am looking for a job preferably in PR/ media/ communications given my experience in those fields but am also open to other opportunities where I may use my skills as a writer (proposals, press releases, brochures), event manager, operations liaison (able to negotiate and liaise with various vendors and develop and manage work flow).

I love working in a team environment but am also able to work alone.

If anyone knows of a position or knows of someone who might know of a position that could fit my profile I would truly appreciate it!!

Neeya Jacob

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