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Looking for an advice: online course Happy Abroad (Rome)

I am developing a project "Happy Abroad" and part of it is a course "Happy Abroad", which after a pilot group, I have decided to split into two parts: (to make it shorter and more audience-direct):
1. How to prepare for a happy life abroad (for those who are going to move abroad/new place).
2. First steps towards a happy life abroad (for those who have moved recently to a new place).

Could you help me, please, with some advice:

a. TOPICS: What kind of topics, to your point of view, is important to cover in both courses? (if you are already living abroad for a while, think what you wished you knew when you first moved abroad).
b. LENGTH: What, to your point of view, is the right length for both of the courses? (at the moment I am planning 8 weeks for each of the courses, 1 topic a week)
c. Any other comments, suggestions.

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Thank you in advance!


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