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Looking for an apartment in Rome

Hi Everyone

My wife and I will move to Rome (for my work) within the next couple of weeks and are now looking for an apartment.

We've found a few websites:
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wanted in Rome / Craigslists

But maybe there are some landlords on here looking for new tenants? Or maybe someone knows of a great apartment that just became available. Or maybe you have some hints for Rome first timers.

What we are looking for:
Apartment for married couple in their early 30s. We don't know Rome but around Trastevere sounds nice. I'm sure there are other nice areas too.
2 bedrooms, one for us which should be nice, one for visitors which doesn't have to be so nice :-P
A kitchen that you can cook a proper dinner with.
Budget around €1500. Less if possible, a little more if the apartment really deserves it.
12 month lease.

Any hints?

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Offers from our Partners
Offers from our Partners
Offers from our Partners

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