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Looking for Direct Marketing Position (Rome)


Career Profile
Strong career minded individual focused on results management. Demonstrated ability to apply creative reasoning, technology, and resources to effect winning business strategies. Individual who has the ability to create teamwork and goal attainment by setting clear and decisive guidelines for achievement.
Areas of Expertise

P&L Oversight
Cross Channel Marketing
Direct Mail
ERP System Development & Integration
Sales Process Development
Production Process Engineering
Product Development
Vertical Market Integration
Board Level Presentation
Professional Achievements
• Solutions Architect Direct Mail Services
o Fractional Sales Management
• Provide interim management where a manager will come in for a limited period of time, possibly part time or full-time. Help organizations restructure sales and marketing departments, develop multi-channel marketing solutions for your clients.
o Solution Sales Development
• Work with organizations to engage clients from a value add perspective. Collaboratively with your sales staff, account management and technology teams, help you to deliver higher margins, and create new revenue channels with your clients.
o Integrated Marketing Consulting
• Utilize several channels in an integrated approach has been proven to be the driver of the higher response levels and better return on marketing investment. DMS will help you take advantage of Digital Print, email PURLS, MicroSites, QR Codes, CSC (common short codes) SMS/Texts, and social channels to drive your clients marketing conversations.
o Direct Mail Solution Development
• Leverage design, list, offer and timing to help you develop effective direct mail solutions for your clients. Reduce costs through right designs, and USPS postal strategies.
o Recent Assignments
• EVP Marketing and Sales New Channel Direct
• Vice President Of Arken Technology
• Sales Consultant Platinum Direct
• Executive Director of Client Delivery WMI Dallas
o Managed Production operations
• 220 Million pieces annually
• 3 shifts 6 days per week
• 70 employees
o Sold in excess of 1.3 million in sales within one year. (Excluding postage)
• President-CEO of Bender Direct and Southwest Mailing inc
o Full P&L Responsibility for both companies
• Purchased two companies within a six month period and integrated an ERP system as well as setting up a high speed VPN with single site administration and data processing.
o Production Management
• 100 Employees with 3 shifts
• Within two years brought three new products as part a vertical market integration strategy: Digital Imaging, Internal Presort Processing and on site Offset Printing.
o Sales Management
• 5 Customer Service and 5 Sales People
o Results
• Increased sales from 3.9 million to just under 5.9 million with acquisition of another smaller company.
• The Mail Box- Director of Satellite Operations
o Full P& L Responsibility of Satellite Mailing operations
o Mergers and Acquisitions, after an IPO, I was part of team which converted the company from a holding company to an operating company and aligned like entities with standardized processes, including software and production process controls.
o Results
• Took Bender Direct Mail from a negative ebitda to 10% ebitda within 1 year.
• First Logic- Executive Director of Marketing and Product Development Protected content
o Executive Management
• Participated on the executive Staff of 40 million dollar software company.
o Chaired a group in the coordination of a new product with three primary partners: Lockheed Martin, Postal Technologies and Postalsoft Imaging.
o Results
• Within two years we were billing in excess of 300k per month.
• Captured 55% of the market share
• The Mail Box-Presort Manager
o Executive Management
• Participated in Executive Staff of Mailing company with 50 million in revenue and over Protected content
o Full P&L Responsibility of the Presort Division
o Operations Management
• 1.6 million pieces daily
• 6 ½ days per week, 3shifts per day.
• Spearheaded a team in the creation and implementation of a proprietary ERP system to track all facets of business operations. We were able to reduce the work force from over Protected content at the division level to less than an 80 headcount while increasing output levels.
o Results
• Went from a negative ebitda of 250k to 700k within three years.

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