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Looking for English-speaking families in Rome

I've just joined. A native of Italy, I have worked in the US (as a grad student then University prof) for 25 years. I am planning to relocate, and will start my residence in Rome next January.

I have a 12 yr old son, and I would like to have him meet with American or English-speaking families there, to ease his transition. If you are an expat in Rome, with children of approx. his age, please contact me.

I will also take tips on American schools there, middle to high school levels, with the proper accreditation. I have done a preliminary search already, and I know how expensive they can be. So any pointers to what can be affordable will be welcome.

I will have my son have a preview of Rome at the end of May or in July (have not finalized the travel plans yet), and that could be an opportunity to meet with families. Thanks.

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