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Or after 4 years the verb "piacere" still confuses the hell out of you.

Why does the book have to like me rather than me liking the book? And "mancare"...don't get me started. Then there's the conditional and maybe my favourite: the congiuntivo.......

Finally there's an answer to your needs..
JukeBox Italian: Thursday 10th March: 19.30
@ LIBRO DI VINO - via degli Zingari, Protected content

Come and listen to an Italian song and you will be presented with simple grammar rules or verb conjugations. The lesson will be designed for students who have just started ...but will also serve as a refresher for those of you who can talk but have never studied and need a refresher course.

Your teacher will be Emanuela Di Pietro Zengeni who as well as teaching various languages is a singer with Eddie and The Hot Rocks...who more qualified to each you a song?

Why study like this?
Well you can stay at home and snuggle up with a grammar book if you prefer.

This is not only a chance to start speaking/perfecting your Italian. It's also an evening out in a classy locale where they serve good wine and a great aperitivo/buffet. (No crisps, bread crusts, dried up olives in sight or pasta and pesto).

The cost is 15 euros if it is your first time.
This includes wine/water/buffet and JukeBox Italian.

There are only 10 places available as we prefer to teach small groups so please send a text to Kate ( Protected content ) to confirm your place.

We are on Facebook (JukeBox English) Twitter (@LearnEnglishPop) MeetUp, Internation and any other social network known to man.

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