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Polyglot Italian teacher for foreigners (Rome)

Do you wish to learn Italian from a native Italian speaker based in Rome?
Would you love to learn the Italian language but you're afraid it might be too difficult?
No fear! Join me.
My name is Aurora. I am a mother-language teacher of the Italian language for foreigners based in Rome, with long teaching experience. I have a B.A. in Modern Languages and Literatures, “La Sapienza” University, Rome, Italy.
My Italian is free from regional accents.
Having learnt English, Arabic, French, Spanish, a little bit of Persian and Japanese myself, I feel be able to connect to the challenges that students may face making students feel more comfortable and at ease.
IF :
▪Are you currently studying Italian at University and need support? or need to practise conversation?
▪Would you like to deepen your studies and/or explore more specific fields?
▪Do you wish to learn Italian out of curiosity?
▪Would you love to come to Rome and learn Italian while visiting this fantastic city? or learn the basics before travelling to Italy?
▪Do you need to learn Italian for your job?
▪Would you love to refresh your Italian?
▪Sei italiano di seconda o penerazione, vivi all’estero e vuoi rinfrescare la tua lingua madre o far sì che i tuoi figli possano parlare agilmente in italiano?
▪Do you need help in translation or be more efficient and correct expressions? or somebody who could proofread your papers, thesis, script, book, handbook or subtitles?
▪Need preparation for the Italian language exams?
▪Need to improve your grammar? or to be more fluent in speaking?
I have the solution:

I have been teaching children, students and professionals from a wide variety of countries.
My lessons are tailored to your personal interests and goals.
The ingredients of my teaching method: enable students to become spontaneous and fluent language speakers; be student-centred and interactive.
The strategies: the use of engaging authentic materials (articles, films, videos, interviews, books, etc) and be very patient and always stimulating.
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