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Professional Searching for Employment in Rome!

Hi to all,

My name is Jose Payero. I graduated with a BA from the School of Public Affairs at American University this past December. As a professional, I want to be able to settle, work and live in Rome. Thus far, I have worked at some of the very best law firms in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Yet because I passionately want to move to Rome, I have not settled on a career.

As an employee, I would be able to offer excellent organizational skills. This particular skill was honed and improved at Sarafa Law, in New York City, where I maintained all pertinent documents for the attorneys readily available. They were also efficiently accessed. I was commended for providing much needed assistance during a high profile case involving the Southern District of New York City.

I am also an effective communicator and writer. My communication skills are substantiated by an A grade I received during a series of 7 total speeches in my public speech class. I am a great writer, earning a grade of A in one of the most challenging classes in the School of Public Affairs, History International Law and Thought.

I am looking to explore as many options, as I can. While I would enjoy working in the legal sector, I am open to working in Sales, Tourism, Hospitality, Business, and Communications. As close review of my resume and the references I have provided will certainly be able to answer any question that anyone may have in regards to my integrity, commitment and hard work.

I have strong command of English, am fluent in Spanish and have some working knowledge of Italian. I have included my resume for your review. I would be ever so grateful for your advice about how I might begin to pursue the opportunities for living and working abroad.

If you need to reach me more urgently, please e-mail me at Protected content .


Jose Payero

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